EyFold was founded in 2016 in Barcelona, Spain.

  • The core principles of our brand are to deliver high quality and functional products to our customers. The EyFold concept was initially conceived by the founders as a practical solution for keeping their eyewear protected.
  • The product was created to take up as little space as possible, so that it could effortlessly fit and be carried anywhere.
  • The product incorporates a microfiber lining making it also double as an effective cleaning solution.
  • The resulting EyFold product features a space saving design that protects your glasses and keeps them clean on the go.
  • The EyFold is a unique product that, being both functional and fashionable appeals to all segments of eyewear users.

Headquartered in Barcelona we also have staff presence in London.



  • EyFold protects the lenses from scratches and damages. Executive and Fashion models also protect the glasses rods.
  • The EyFold is not only a solution to protect the glasses – its flexible and microfiber interior design allows for an easy and effective way of cleaning  the lenses.


  • The EyFold is designed to be thin, taking up minimal space, making it easier to carry in the pocket or in a bag.
  •   Extremely light with a weight close to 40 grams.


  • EyFold is an original and revolutionary way to protect your glasses.
  • Its exterior can be manufactured in an unlimited variety of materials, colors or designs.
  • EyFold is a product that is becoming an obligatory complement in the world of optics and fashion
Fundas de gafas EyFold desde Barcelona
Display de las Funda de gafas Eyfold


We currently offer 3 different models:  ExecutiveFashion and Street,

  • The Street and Fashion models are available in both textile and leather, whilst the Executive models are only available in leather.
  • Our leather EyFolds are produced in Ubrique, Spain and the textile models are produced in Barcelona, Spain.
  • The product is highly versatile, with the possibility to be produced in many different materials and fabric designs.